A day which changed my life

In everyone’s life a situation come when they feel very helpless and get fed up of life. But small word of our loved ones and their support pull back us from that dark situation, give us hope and fill our life with optimism.

May you must gone through this situation where you feel like its end of life, there’s nothing in future and feeling hopeless. I don’t know about you but I have gone through this tough situation in my life. I was feeling very helpless, really fed-up of life and very angry on God that why me? Why god always do this to me.

The day was 26 July 2005; it was very bad day in my life. I was newly married and shifted to Mumbai. We were residing in a small room on ground floor. Just like any other day me and my husband went to work in morning. As usual it’s raining outside but we don’t know what’s going on as we were in our offices. 

When after leaving office I came to CST, I found that because of flood all trains stopped and all railway tracks are full with water. I tried to call my husband but no network.

What to do now? I was very upset, then heard announcement that one train is leaving for Dadar, so I board the train and it went very slowly towards Dadar station, it took us 1 hr. to reach Dadar and after reaching Dadar the train get stuck so I left the train and thought to call my husband as his office was in Worli, So I thought he will come to Dadar and we both can go to Thane by Bus or any other available option.

I tried to call him, after many attempts his office phone worked and I left message for him that because of flood all trains are stopped and I am in Dadar so meet me in Dadar. He doesn’t know about flood. He started from Worli but because of water filled roads the buses were running slow. Phone is not working and I was worried that why after 1 hr. he didn’t reach Dadar?

As the time passing by I was becoming very worried but thank God I seen him coming towards me and I feel relieved, the movement I seen him was the happiest movement of my life.  1 hr. I spent in his wait was the very bad patch my mind thought all the bad things and made me very emotional.

After seeing him I was about to cry with happiness, but I stop myself as we have other challenge to reach home. All trains stopped because of flood, buses running slow and there was no way for us to reach home.  

We waited whole night on the Dadar Station and in early morning started walking towards Thane as still in morning the trains not started. After a tiresome walk till Mulund we got a Bus for Thane and after reaching home when I saw my house full with flood water I started crying. I lost all hopes and after a tired night, long walk I don’t have any courage to clean the home.

But my husband told me in this flood many people’s lost their loved ones at least we are together and when we are together then we can do anything, don’t worry I am with you. His words filled me with optimism and hope for the future. I will never forget that day which really changed my life.

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