Halogen Oven Unpacking and Review

Meet the new member of my kitchen, Halogen Oven from Ezyhome.

Halogen oven, a very new product for me and when I first seen this product a big glass bowl with lid claiming that its a Multi-functional oven, I was really unsure of its abilities. So I searched and came to know that its widely used in USA, UK and its known for quick cooking. Thought to give it a try and here is my experience and review of the product.  

Before I begin with unpacking and review here's some info about the product:

What is  halogen oven - halogen ovenhalogen convection oven is a type of oven that utilizes a halogen lamp as its heating element. It is used primarily for cooking. Halogen ovens are often noted for being more energy-efficient than a conventional oven due to their use of a halogen lamp reducing the cooking time usually needed in a conventional oven, and for also producing healthier lower-fat preparations of food. They tend to be comparable in size, portability, and price to toaster ovens.

Now lets check the package.....

I was eagerly waiting for the product and when it came right away I started unpacking it :) yes I was very curious to check and try the product.

What in in box? 

A big Glass Bowl
Lid with halogen lamp and buttons on it
Stainless Steel Extender Ring
Low Rack
High Rack
Steamer plate
Frying Pan
Tongs and instruction book.

I was very eager to try it so made quick garlic cheese toast and potato wedges and both turn out very good and crispy. In pic you will see bread with garlic spread on high rack and potato wedges on low rack.
Here are some photos of cheese garlic toast I made in the oven and it turn out so crispy.                    

After this first recipe I tried so many recipes in it. I made cakes, cookies, whole wheat bread and many more and everything turn out very well. Following are some pics. I will post recipes for all these very soon.

And now after using this product I found it very useful and I am very happy with its performance. It is really a multifunctional oven. Cakes, bread and cookies made in it are perfectly brown and crispy.

Now I can roast, bake, steam, fry with less oil, broil, defrost and toast in it. This is all in one appliance and I will recommend it to anyone who wish to buy one :)

Here is a video of halogen oven have a look :)

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